Welcome to the Career Hub & On Campus Student Employment. This is your first step toward becoming a student employee on campus and we are glad you're interested in working on campus (or remotely for some) with us.

In order to become a standout candidate, we recommend you make an appointment with one of our Career Hub professionals to work on your First Impressions for applications and interviews (cover letter, resume, and interview practice) during the time before applications open. This can be done so by visiting our Career Hub Website and clicking on the Appointments box on the front page.

I am available for any questions you may have about the current status of hiring and the application process in its entirety via email and once you're approved for eligibility I will be in touch with how to proceed to the next steps. Please reach out if I can support you in anyway. Alternatively, our Career Hub Front Desk team is available during Live Chat, Telephone, or email during our business hours and are fully versed in assisting you through this process as well.

Good luck during your job search!

Warm regards,
Jamie Longnecker
Coordinator, Workforce Development

SRJC On Campus Student Employment Eligibility Application


Please allow up to 72 hours to be contacted with approval for distribution

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Start with most recent and include salaried and volunteer positions. If you do not have any experience, please write "Not Applicable". (Resume can be uploaded onto Jobspeaker for additional information). Please provide Employer Name and a short description of the work.
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