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Event Application

This Student Event Application is for any department in Student Affairs or any student initiated event.

Sponsoring Club/Department/Organization Primary Campus Location*
Event Leads*
Name of Student Representative In Charge of the Event*
Name of Staff or Advisor in charge of the Event*
Does the event have an additional Staff/Advisor? [Additional Staff/Advisors are optional and will be included in any communications about the event]
Additional Advisor Name*

Note: The Advisor(s) listed above must be a permanent employee of Sonoma County Junior College District and be in attendance at the Event for its full duration. Additional advisors may be required by the Office of Student Life after reviewing the application.

Note: If you are registering a multi-date event, list all dates and times here.

Does your event occur over multiple dates?
Will There Be a Guest Speaker/Lecturer/Presenter at the Event?*

Note: If you intend to pay a guest for their services at your event, you must coordinate payment through the District's requisition system, which requires the guest to complete a service contract and a W-9. It is recommended that you start this process one month in advance of an event.

Event Type (Check All That Apply)*

Note: All events sponsored by an SRJC organization must be hosted on an SRJC Zoom Account. If you need assistance accessing an SRJC Zoom Account, please reach out to the Office of Student Life at

Note: All funds raised must be deposited in an account held within the Office of Student Life or the Sonoma County Junior College District.

Note: If event is on campus, please list the building and room you would like to reserve for your event.

Is the event open to the public?*
Will tickets be sold for the event?*
Will vendors be participating in the event?
Will Food Be Served at the Event?
Note: All food and beverage catering must be provided by Fresh & Natural. Events that wish to use outside catering services must request an exception from Fresh & Natural prior to the event.
Will you be requesting an exception from Fresh and Natural to provide your own food for the event?
Note: All food served at an SRJC event must be prepared in line with all commercial Food Safety standards.
Does the event require support from SRJC Media Services or Information Technology (I.T.)?*
Has a service request been sent to SRJC Media Services or Information Technology (I.T.)?*
Does the event require parking, building/room access, and/or additional security?*
Do you have a poster or flier for your event that you would like to share for District communications like Bearfacts or the Event Calendar?*
No File Chosen
File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.

If the Office of Student Life determines that this is a large impact event, additional approvals may be required. If you have any questions regarding this form or your event, please reach out to the Office of Student Life at


Has the advisor confirmed their attendance at the event?*
Is the event using an SRJC Zoom Link?*
Does this event require further approvals? Select all that apply.*
Is the event approved?*

Event Review

Is the event approved?*

Final Event Review

Is the event approved?*
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