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Special Event Application

This Special Event Application should be used for any Student Life, Equity, & Engagement activity and/or any event that includes students in the planning process.

Policies and Procedures

To ensure you have a safe, supported, and successful event, please review our events website:

All events are subject to the following policies:

  • Advisor confirmation and approval of the event is required; please make sure the faculty/staff advisor responds to any inquires; 
  • Applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to event date, however, 4-6 weeks is preferred so that you have ample time to promote your event; 
  • Applicants are asked to wait for approval before promoting or purchasing supplies for the event;  
  • Events are approved on a first come first serve basis and space is limited.

Please review the Event Planning Handbook before submitting your event application.

Hosting an event starts with these five steps:

  • Step 1: Find a faculty or staff advisor that agrees to be present for the event (including set up and clean up), take on liability for the event, and assist event planners in working through every step of the approval process. 
  • Step 2: Download the Event Checklist and go through it with your faculty/staff advisor.
  • Step 3: Complete and submit this Special Event application. Event applications must be submitted by least 3 weeks in advance of the event to be considered.
  • Step 4: Attend the Events Workgroup or Events Walkthrough to answer questions from the Campus Services as needed.
  • Step 5: Receive written approval from Cabinet / Senior Admin. Please be sure to incorporate any feedback from Cabinet or the Events Workgroup. Please wait for final approval before promoting and purchasing supplies for the event. 

While waiting for approval, there are next steps that event planners can work on, should they choose, including funding proposals. Use the checklist to guide your planning. Collaborating makes the event more successful, but the Events Workgroup requests you select a single Lead Advisor to streamline communications and coordination.

Have you reviewed the event policies and procedures for events at SRJC?*
Please include event day(s) of the week and date(s)

If you are registering a multi-date event, list all dates and times above.

Event Location*
Please list the building, room number, and/or outdoor location
Please list the building, room number, and/or outdoor location
Please list the building, room number, and/or outdoor location
Please list the building, room number, and/or outdoor location
Where will your event be located at SRJC Santa Rosa?*
If the room you'd like to reserve is outside of Bertolini, please list the room you'd like in the empty box provided.

If event is being held in the Student Activity Center, please review the setup options at

How would you like the Student Activity Center to be setup for your event?*
Review options at
Does your event require a special setup in the requested District room/space?*
Please upload a diagram of the room/space for your event setup*
No File Chosen
File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.

All events sponsored by an SRJC organization must be hosted on an SRJC Zoom Account. If you need assistance accessing an SRJC Zoom Account, please reach out to the Office of Student Life at

Event Leads*
Name of Student Representative in charge of the event*
Name of Lead Staff or Advisor in charge of the event*
Does the event have an additional Support Staff/Advisor? [Support Staff/Advisors are optional and will be included in any communications about the event]*
Support Advisor Name*

The Advisor(s) listed above must be a permanent employee of Sonoma County Junior College District and be in attendance at the Event for its full duration. Additional advisors may be required by the Office of Student Life after reviewing the application.

Will money be collected or processed at this event, either as a fundraiser or to help cover costs?*

All funds raised must be deposited in an account held within the Office of Student Life or the Sonoma County Junior College District.

For more information, visit our Event Policies website by clicking here.

Is the event open to the public?*
Will there be any elected officials, community representatives, or other prominent individuals invited to this event?*
Will your event include any of the following activities or services?*

Depending on the activity, performance, or service provided, guests may be required to provide proof of insurance to the District. If you intend to pay a guest for their services at your event, you must coordinate payment through the District's requisition system, which requires the guest to complete a service contract and a W-9. It is recommended that you start this process one month in advance of an event.

For more information on requirements regarding insurance and contracts, please visit our events policy website by clicking here.

Note: Professional Services are services requiring specialized knowledge and skill usually of a mental or intellectual nature and usually requiring a license, certification, or registration
Will any of the off-campus businesses or organizations be selling items at your event?*

Note: All vendors must submit an Off Campus Vendor Application form at least two weeks (10 business days) prior to the date of service on campus, with exceptions made on a case by case basis. An application fee will required and shall be paid either in cash, a check made payable to SRJC, credit cards or debit cards. The fee requirements are as follows: 

  1. No charge for 501(c)(3) organization with the exception of paid career recruiting, see #3 below. 
  2. No charge for educational recruiting – please contact SRJC Transfer Center Transfer Center Administrative Assistant II at (707) 524-1660 with any questions.
  3. $25 per day for career recruiting – please contact SRJC Career Hub at or (707) 527-4329 with any questions. 
  4. $75 per day or $250 for 4 days for either vendors who sell merchandise or vendors engaging in service based businesses, i.e., banks, phone companies, etc. - please contact SRJC Student Life at or (707) 527-4424 with any questions.

Events with vendors who sell merchandise or vendors engaging in service based businesses may request an exception to the $75 per day or $250 for 4 days requirement from Student Government Assembly (SGA). Please reach out to the SRJC Student Life at or (707) 527-4424 to request an exception.

Will you be requesting an exception from SGA for the Off Campus Vendor fees?*

All food served at an official SRJC event must be sourced from a commercial kitchen and served in a way that follows all food safety guidelines. 

For more information on food policies, please visit our event policy website by clicking here.

JC Fresh Delights has first right of refusal for any catering services provided, which means they have the right to provide any catering services for events and activities on campus.  If you would like to utilize their catering services, please work directly with JC Fresh Delights to order food for your event. 

If you plan to have food delivered or served by an alternative vendor as part of your event, you will need to request approval by sending a waiver to JC Fresh Delights Manager, Jenny Chhay, at (707) 503-9981 or 

How will you be providing food for your event?*
Note: All food and beverage catering must be provided by JC Fresh Delights. Events that wish to use outside catering services must request an exception from JC Fresh Delights prior to the event.

ATTENTION: Based on your answer above, you will need to contact JC Fresh Delights Manager, Jenny Chhay, at (707) 503-9981 or

Have you contacted JC Fresh Delights about providing catering services or to request a waiver?*
Note: All food served at an SRJC event must be prepared in line with all commercial Food Safety standards.

Food trucks require additional consideration and input from District Police to ensure they are safely located. Please submit this Facility Use Form when applying to have food trucks at your event. Certificate of Liability Insurance is required for Food Trucks on Campus. 

Insurance requirements:

  • Must list Sonoma County Junior College District as Certificate Holder
  • The ‘insured section of the certificate of insurance must list the vendor name exactly as it appears on this contract/agreement
  • $1 million commercial general liability per occurrence and $3 million aggregate; $1 million automobile liability
  • Sonoma County Junior College District must be named as additional insured
  • The policy coverage period on the certificate must encompass the entire duration the food truck will be providing service on campus.
Have you submitted a Facility Use Form to request approval for the Food Truck(s)?*
The Facility Use Form can be found here:
Does your even require any of the following SRJC Services?*

Promotion at SRJC

SRJC offers multiple ways to promote events to students and the college community, but it's up to the event leads to coordinate their plan for promotions ahead of their event. Below is a list of the most common ways that events are promoted at SRJC, and we encourage you to utilize as many as possible to ensure the word gets out about your event!

  • Submit a flyer for the BearFacts eNewsletter
  • Post to the MySRJCApp
  • Post to social media 
  • Ask clubs or campus programs to promote your event on their social media pages
  • Work with an advisor to send an email to all staff (DL.STAFF.ALL)
  • Distribute posters and flyers for your event, and work with the Office of Student Life to get them posted on campus.
  • Coordinate with your instructors to make in-class announcements about your event.
  • Partner with instructors to encourage their students to attend by bringing classes, offering extra credit, or making it part of an assignment.
  • Contact Public Relations for possible inclusion in social media and website
Do you have a poster or flier for your event that you would like to share for District communications like Bearfacts or the Event Calendar?*
Upload a poster or flier for your event here:*
No File Chosen
File uploads may not work on some mobile devices.

We encourage you to develop a poster or flyer to help advertise your event! If you create a poster or flyer later and would like to see it advertised in places like the Bearfacts eNewsletter or the SRJC event calendar, please email a PDF, JPG, or PNG of it to Zack Miranda at

Custodial may provide event setup & breakdown support, extra trash and recycle bins, bathroom access, etc.
Has a service request been sent to SRJC Custodial Services?*
The SRJC Warehouse may provide tables, chairs, and other event equipment from storage.
Have you sent a request to the SRJC Warehouse for your event?*
Has a service request been sent to SRJC Media Services?*
Has a service request been sent to SRJC Information Technology (I.T.)?*
Has a request for parking, building/room access, or additional security needs been sent to SRJC District Police?*

If the Office of Student Life determines that this is a large impact event, additional approvals may be required. If you have any questions regarding this form or your event, please reach out to the Office of Student Life at


Has the advisor confirmed their attendance at the event?*
Are there district services that need to be coordinated for this event?*
Have the event leads submitted requests for the SRJC services they listed in their event application?*
Is the campus space available in EMS for this event?*
Is the event using an SRJC Zoom Link?*
Is the event using a room or space that matches the expected attendance?*
What additional approvals does this event require?*

Event Review

Is the event approved?*

Final Event Review

Is the event approved?*
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